Educational institutions can utilize Fetii EDU’s contactless scanning technology to limit the spread of viruses. Fetii EDU also provides institutions with proximity lists to notify students, faculty, and guests when they have been in close contact with the virus. Institutions have the ability to safely oversee all functions of the campus including transportation, classrooms, buildings, sport arenas, venues, and more. With Fetii EDU, educational institutions have the necessary tools to limit and prevent any virus outbreaks on their campuses.

Fetii’s Technology of the Future

Fetii is a SaaS platform that uses machine learning & deep tech to integrate transit systems with on-demand capabilities. Fetii’s technology grants vehicles and drivers the ability to service everyday consumers and corporations in metropolitan areas.


Smart Cities of the Future

Fetii allows cities the opportunity to integrate their current transit systems with on-demand group transportation markets, thus increasing ridership and reducing costs.

By deploying a network of digitized vehicles, cities can now efficiently service everyday consumers and corporations in metropolitan areas while simultaneously decreasing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.