Fetii EDU is helping universities bring students and faculty back to school safely.

Fetii EDU integrates with university transportation systems to control vehicle capacity limits, generate passenger information, and provide secure communication to its students, guests, and faculty. In addition to transportation systems, universities have the ability to integrate Fetii EDU into their entire infrastructure including classrooms, labs, event venues, sporting arenas, and more.

With Fetii EDU, educational institutions receive the tools necessary to streamline operations and ensure the safety of their students, faculty, and guests.

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IOS/Android Interface

Students, faculty, and guests of universities can utilize the Fetii EDU interface on the Fetii IOS and Android app.

The interface allows users the ability to check-in and check-out of designated university locations as well as receive important and secure notifications from administrators and staff. 

Management System

Fetii EDU’s management system can be utilized by university administrators to view check-in/check-out histories of designated university locations and/or vehicles, as well as set capacity limits to these designated locations.

Administrators also have the ability to communicate with students, faculty, and guests. 


Fetii EDU COVID Response

Educational institutions can utilize Fetii EDU’s contactless scanning technology to limit the spread of viruses.

Fetii EDU also provides institutions with proximity lists to notify students, faculty, and guests when they have been in close contact with the virus.

With Fetii EDU, educational institutions have the necessary tools to limit and prevent any virus outbreaks on their campuses.

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