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Saving The World, One Fetii At A Time

Are you ready to save the world? Yes, YOU! By riding our Fetii vehicles in groups, you’re helping save our world by reducing your carbon footprint. What is a carbon footprint? Let us explain…

By definition, a carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are being emitted into our atmosphere caused directly and indirectly by individuals, organizations, events, or products. The greenhouse gases that are being emitted into our atmosphere is causing heat to be trapped which causes a change of climate on Earth. These greenhouse gases and changes in the climate lead to many negative effects such as melting Earth’s poles, species going extinct, respiratory problems for humans, among many many others. Your carbon footprint is made up of emissions from food, your household, and personal transportation.

A good way to start reducing your carbon footprint is through transportation. Most if not every single individual relies on their car to take them from one place to the other. But if you and your group of friends are all trying to get to the same destination, why not ride together? Don’t all fit in the car? With Fetii, that’s no longer a problem. Fetii offers several vehicles for you and your group to choose from.

Fetii wants to make sure it offered a variety of different vehicles to best suit your group. The Fetii Van can fit up to 15 passengers. The Fetii Bus can fit up to 30 passengers. The Fetii Premium can fit up to a maximum of 50 passengers. With this many options, you can take as many friends and family members that you want along for the ride!

By Fetii giving groups the ability to travel to their destination together, this eliminates the need of having to take several cars to that same destination. Ultimately, this helps to reduce your carbon footprint and also everyone else’s footprint since they are joining you along for the ride. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but there are so many other positive outcomes that come with riding a Fetii. These positive outcomes include conveniently having your entire group with you along for the ride and also saving on gas since you don’t have to take multiple vehicles.

Fetii believes that if we start riding together in groups to get to our desired destination, it can lead to a big positive impact being made on the environment. So let’s each do our part in helping to save our environment. Let’s start saving the world, one Fetii at a time. Download the Fetii app on the App Store or Google Play.