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Fetii: The Green Initiative

Fetii is known for being the leading provider of on-demand group transportation. With its various vehicles users can choose from, it has serviced thousands of happy riders and continues to do so. What may not be known about Fetii is their stance on sustainability.

Sustainability is an important concept in which Fetii promotes. Fetii wishes to be as sustainable as it can be and wants to be seen as an example of promoting the reduction of one's carbon footprint. Currently, transportation alone makes up 27% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Meaning that carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, and hydrofluorocarbons are being released into our atmosphere. All these gases lead to the Earth experiencing some unnatural warming. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorbs the energy being emitted thus, trapping heat. This whole process is why it leads to climate change occuring.

What can we do? We can start by reducing the 27% of greenhouse gas emissions we are putting out into the atmosphere. But how? Many people don’t know how they can start reducing their carbon footprint. One solution is to start riding in groups.

By Fetii providing group rides, it has helped reduce the negative effects that come with transportation to the environment. With group rides, it can transport from 5 to over 30 people to their desired destination. This eliminates the need of having to use multiple vehicles to get to that one destination. This not only is more convenient for all the riders, but it also helps to reduce carbon emissions, decrease traffic congestion, and helps to promote sustainability.

Who says trying to be sustainable can’t be fun?! In riding a Fetii vehicle, groups don’t have to separate into different vehicles to get to where they want to go. Everyone in the group can ride in the same vehicle and the fun doesn’t have to start until you get to the destination, you can now have fun with everyone on the way there. This means the fun doesn’t have to stop, more memories can be created, and you’re reducing your carbon footprint in doing so!

Become more sustainable and start reducing your carbon footprint by joining the Fetii green initiative! You’d be surprised of how your effort to become more sustainable is helping the environment. Protect the environment and schedule or book your next group ride with Fetii. The Fetii app is currently available to download on the App store and Google Play.