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Fetii Becomes The Leading Provider Of Group Transportation In College Station

Fetii Fetii has taken over College Station, TX! After having recently expanded into College Station after launching in California, Fetii has become the leader of providing on-demand group transportation in that area. Ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of over 30 people, Fetii is able to get large groups to their destinations.

The Fetii app has become very popular amongst the younger demographic as the majority of these users are college students. Fetii has sponsored 1 fraternity and 1 sorority in their launch into College Station. Fetii donated money along with providing all the house members with free rides all semester long. This heavily increased and boosted the number of downloads of the Fetii app.

The Fetii app has provided their riders with the opportunity to ride together in large groups. Large groups no longer have to worry about how many vehicles or how many people can fit in the vehicle when they are trying to get to their desired destination. Fetii is providing them with a fun party-bus like experience that is fun, affordable, and convenient for all.

The Fetii app has provided its users with simplicity and convenience, making the riders want to use Fetii for their future rides. Fetii allows users to schedule or book a ride now, choose a Fetii vehicle that best fits their group size, and split the payment any way the riders want.

The Texas A&M College campus is located in the College Station area and is one of the largest campuses in the United States. With tons of students looking to have fun on the weekends with their friends, Fetii was sure to catch their eye. Fetii has become a name that students have come to know in College Station and that they rely on for group transportation.

With the success Pyro Equity has seen in Fetii through the launch of College Station, they are planning to expand and grow Fetii even further. Fetii’s CEOs, Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath also envision Fetii furthering its expansion to other major cities. Fetii is sure to make a name for itself in other areas as group transportation is in demand.

To find out if you’re able to book a Fetii ride in your area, download the Fetii app to find out! The Fetii app is free to download on the App store and Google Play