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Top 5 Fetii Destinations

People have booked a ride with Fetii to several different types of events. Some of the destinations that our Fetii vehicles have been booked for...well, let’s say they were very unexpected. Hey, we don’t judge here. Here are some of the most popular destinations our Fetii vehicles have been booked to. You may have even booked a Fetii to take you and your group to one of these destinations!

Destination #1: Clubs
Clubs are the most popular destinations that our Fetii vehicles have been taken to. There are many times when Fetii users want to have a good time at the clubs without having to worry about who is going to be driving or how they are going to get home. By booking a Fetii vehicle to the club, our riders don’t have to worry about any of that. Fetii users have the ability to book a Fetii vehicle and select the round trip option. This ensures that the riders can get from one destination to another smoothly and in a safe manner.

Destination #2: Concerts
Concerts are always fun to go to. What’s even more fun? Taking ALL your friends to your favorite concert. You no longer have to worry about your group being too large. Everyone can join in on the fun. Another great perk about taking a Fetii vehicle to concerts is that everyone saves money on gas and you don’t have to pay for any parking at the venue. Once the concert is over, it usually takes a long time to get out of the parking structure. With Fetii, you don’t have to deal with the parking lot chaos. You can just hop into the Fetii and go!

Destination #3: Bars
Another nightlife venue that is quite popular to take a Fetii to is the bars. Bars are a great destination to go to with your friends. It’s a time to let loose and enjoy the company of others. What’s even better is getting to and from any location in a safe manner. Don’t drink and drive. Booking a Fetii will allow for everyone in your group to have a great time and also stay safe after a good time out. Be safe, take a Fetii!

Destination #4: House Parties
House Parties are a fun destination to head to as well. Just gather up a group of your friends and head to the house party! The great thing about getting there with Fetii is that you can split the payment any way you want. No prepayment is required which makes the booking process fast and easy!

Destination #5: Sporting Events
Everyone loves going to sporting events! You can bring the whole family and your group of friends to help you cheer on your favorite sports team. Start planning your next sporting event. You can schedule to book a Fetii for later and you don’t need to know the number of your entire group!

There are plenty of other locations to take a Fetii to. What will be your next Fetii destination? The Fetii app is currently available to download on the App Store and Google Play.