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Why You Should Use Fetii To Go To Any Event

By now you have probably heard of the name Fetii, or maybe you have spotted one of our Fetii vehicles in pursuit to their destination. Fetii has earned the title of being the leading provider of on demand group rides. It offers simplicity, convenience, and a safe way for its riders to get to their desired destination. We have come up with our top 3 reasons why you should use a Fetii. (although we can name many more reasons than that). If you have ever wondered why you should use Fetii to go to an event, then keep reading.

Reason #1: Fetii Accommodates Large Groups
Fetii makes it possible to fit everyone in your group into one vehicle. There are several vehicle options to choose from to best fit your party. There are three types of Fetii vehicles you can choose from the Fetii van, Fetii bus, or the Fetii premium. The Fetii van can fit up to 15 passengers. The Fetii bus can fit up to 30 passengers. The Fetii premium can fit up to 50 passengers. Regardless of how many people you want to invite and take to an event, they will all be sure to fit into a Fetii. Now you don’t have to pick and choose who to invite, you can invite everyone!

Reason #2: Fetii Social
Using Fetii Social to plan your next event is very helpful and convenient. Fetii Social allows users to create and chat about upcoming events they are planning to create or are attending. Users can create private chats with their “Fetii friends” that are going to these events.

Through your own Fetii Social profile, you can save these epic moments you experienced and view your past and upcoming experiences. That’s just a preview of what Fetii Social has to offer, there’s so much more to tell!

Reason #3: Split Payment Any Way You Want
Tired of hounding people for them not paying you back? With Fetii, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Fetii doesn’t require for any sort of pre-payment to be made in order to book or request a Fetii ride. Riders are charged once they have to check in with its QR code system.

Before checking in, riders are asked how many passengers they are paying for. You can select “1” if you are only going to pay for yourself. You can select “0” if a friend has offered to pay for you.

You can also select any other number in reference to how many friends you are paying for. This system allows for the payment of the ride to be split in any way you wish.

We hope this provides you with a bit of insight of all the great things Fetii has to offer. Hopefully Fetii comes to mind next time you are planning an event with your friends and family. Be sure to download the Fetii app on the App Store or through Google Play. Your next group ride awaits!